My name is Agnès and I am a Catalan living in Lisbon, working in what I love with couples from around the world. I organize weddings from the heart, I’m passionate about what I do and my moto is “everything is possible”. I treat every couple, every love story, every event as unique with one very specific mission: organize their dream destination wedding in Portugal.


I’ve worked for more than 10 years in Barcelona and Dubai in fashion and in events. But it was more than three years ago when I moved to Lisbon, when I decided to be more focused on wedding planning, as I can apply all my knowledge and experience and be creative at the same time. I am a romantic and I find in weddings all these feelings and love that make these events so special. And in order to make beautiful and unique weddings I also work have partnerships with the best vendors in Portugal.


If you are engaged and reading this, be sure that I would plan your wedding with the same effort and passion as if it was mine with the unique goal of making THAT DAY just perfect.



agnès, your wedding planner in portugal

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Lisbon, Portugal

White Dots Wedding Planning. Lisbon. Portugal.

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