Unforgettable Wedding? Discover the Best Destination Wedding Locations in Portugal

Portugal is truly a magical place. Whether you are dreaming of a traditional wedding in a dream castle, a beach wedding where your friends can dip their toes in the sand while you say your vows or a wedding surrounded by nature; Portugal will deliver.

Get Married in Estoril Portugal


If you have been looking for a destination wedding venue that your family and friends will love, Estoril – just a few minutes from Lisbon is perfect. Not only is the city gorgeous, but it has vibrant nightlife and a casino with plenty of shows and food.  For those who are sun worshippers, there are beautiful beaches and the sea. Did I forget to mention you can get married in a castle next to the sea?

Invite the salty scent of the ocean to be a guest of honor at your destination wedding. Cascais is the perfect combination of beach, mountains, and an elegant town with incredible shopping and restaurants. Its historic and natural beauty has much to offer to make your wedding day extra special. The charming city  of Cascais will be an unforgettable place for you and your guests.

Lisbon City Tours


Lisbon is an ancient city with old streets, beautiful architecture, and liveliness that keeps you wanting more. Offering the best of pastel colors, traditional food, and typical Portuguese music to the world, it’s no wonder why Lisbon will bring out your inner romantic in you while using its beauty as a backdrop to your happily ever after, then Lisbon is the perfect wedding destination for you. 

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Sintra is a fairytale wedding destination: castles line the coast and forts overlook the sea. The lush gardens by the ocean make it not only romantic but also magical.  In between the castles, fortresses, gardens, and ocean cliffs with views that go on forever; there are winding roads that take you higher than you can imagine to find even more breathtaking views that will make your wedding unforgettable.

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