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When to give the thank-you gifts to parents?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

Parents (and in-laws too ;) ) are the best! They give you all their love and support during the journey of planning your wedding -and through all your life too!- and you want to give them that little (or big) something to thank them.

But… when is the right time to do it?!

First of all decide if in private or in public. Private is more intimate, maybe they will get emotional and you know they don’t like to show that in public… or maybe your little something is so personal that you prefer to share this moment with them alone. On the other hand, maybe you want that to be part of your party, and have photos of the moment… if that’s your case, go for the public showing of affection!

Occasions for a private moment:

Day/night before the big day

This will probably be the last quiet moment you have before the wedding. Here you’ll have plenty of time to spend with them, share the nerves of the following day and get emotional while telling them how much you love them!

Wedding morning

If you want to do it on the same day and in a private way, this is your only chance. But bear in mind that things will get busy very quickly, so you better schedule a time for this and the earlier the better.

Morning after the wedding

The morning after the wedding should be relaxing and you’ll see you all will start to remember and sharing moments of the previous magical day. Perfect moment to give them those gifts to thank them for making it happen.

After the honeymoon

In case you have to run to catch a plane immediately after the wedding, giving those gifts after the honeymoon is a fabulous idea. You will probably have your teaser video and also the honeymoon photos, so organise a family dinner to share memories and give that surprise to the parents.

Occasions for a public moment:

Rehearsal dinner

Here is when you will probably give some gifts to you bridesmaids and groomsmen, so it makes total sense to do a whole gift session and show the love to your parents in front of your wedding party. It will be a fun night just before the big day!

During the reception

Why not? Put your parents’ favourite song and go dancing to their table from the other side of the room with those gifts! They won’t expect it and they will definitely love it!

But the truth is… it doesn’t matter when you do it! They will love an appreciate the gesture while being sooo happy for their child to be getting married with the love of her life! :)



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