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How to blend traditions and languages in your wedding

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

In the last decades it seems like the world has become a smaller place, with shorter distances between us. So, we travel more and meet people with different nationalities, religions, beliefs… and yes, the chances of falling in love with someone with other traditions than yours have increased and become so real and more common every day.

The fact of having to mix traditions in your wedding is a great opportunity to make it different, special and unique. Although it will require more planning and thinking out of the box, it will be totally worth it!

First thing both of you should think about is what are the most important traditions for each one of you. Those ones that for you are a must. It can be something happening in the ceremony, it can be cuisine, it can be music, clothing… Once you have it clear is just about to put it in the right moment of the day.

Make your own ceremony style blending both traditions. If it’s the case of two different languages, have an MC that can speak both, so he/she can make it in a way that everybody understands what is happening. Or have two officiants that complement each other. And if some specific things are in just one language, you can have those translated on paper.

Cuisine is one of the best ways to blend cultures. You can have different buffets from both countries. Or do the starter from one country and the main from the other… Guests will appreciate it so much!

Another good way of mixing cultures is with the music. And that can happen in several ways. If you do some pass-around before the seated meal, you can enliven it with a folkloric band playing typical music from one of the countries and then have other music for the dance. Or you can keep mixing the music during the whole wedding!

Clothing can be another way. If the groom or the bride have specific attires in their culture, they should wear it.

All these little or big things will make your wedding unique and special and your friends and family will be happy to get to know some of the traditions of your partner and will be happy to see their own traditions too. And don’t forget that the day is yours and you can do anything you want. You can even create your own traditions!

In the near future I will write a post about my own wedding, but to finish with this one, let me tell you a little bit of it. I am from Barcelona and my husband is Canadian and, even culturally speaking we are not that different, there were some things that for him were essential and for me they never crossed my mind, and vice-versa. So we found a way to have everything and, believe me, it was easy and great! For example, we had a friend as an MC speaking both languages and you could see both traditions and some of our own blending through the day, too. It was definitely unique!


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