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Elegant and classy wedding in a castle by the sea... what else?

Tania & Ken

1st June 2019

Tania and Ken have been one the most international couples I had so far: Canadian and Belgian living in Switzerland and got married in the beautiful country Portugal.

They are a super fun couple and they like a really good party, but they also wanted a classy and elegant wedding. So we came up with the perfect combination of elements for them. The majestic castle with astonish views was the base (pretty good one, I'd say) and we complemented it with white roses and orchids, some green, candles and gold with a modern twist.

Design, styling and wedding planning: White Dots Wedding Planning

Catering: Penha Longa

Venue: Forte Da Cruz

Photographer: Pedro Vilela

Videographer: I Do Films

AV: JukeBox

Make up artist: Kabuki Make Up by Rita Amorim

Hair stylist: Alexandra Pereira

Ceremony celebrant: Your European Wedding Celebrant

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