Wedding Planning

If you are a proactive couple and have already started with the planning of your wedding, or you'd like to take care of specific things, no problem!
 We adapt to you taking care of the rest or helping with anything you need.
Have a look at the services below and let us know where you need help. And if you don't find it, let's talk about it anyway! We are specialist in making things happen!
What will White Dots as your wedding planner do? Will make things stress-free, will save you time, out-of-the box ideas will be suggested, you'll discover some secrets of Portugal and you will be accompanied by us during the whole process and on the day, for us to coordinate the entire wedding or the part you want us to.

The venue is one of the most important parts of wedding planning, as the venue needs to match the style of the wedding you want. Have a look to the venues in the website and if you don't find what you are looking for, let me know! I'll find it for you!


I love this part of the wedding! Let's make it different, unique, always following your style. Working with the best vendors in town, I have all options available.

Wedding Design, Styling & Decor

Oh yes! Brides, I will help you with that too. I want you to feel special and beautiful on this amazing day. My partners will do that, and more!

Hair & Make up

Remember this is what you are offering to your guests. Quality of food has to be over the top. We only partner with the best in Portugal and they will adapt to your needs and wants.


At the end of the day, this will be your memory. I partner with photographers of different styles to suit yours.

Photography & Video

Do you want to get to the ceremony in a fancy car or special transport? Let us know what is your desire and we'll make it happen.


This is what will make your wedding special! Let me help you with this. I have a lot of ideas for surprises, special gifts, games... Let's make your guests feel emotions all day through!

Original Ideas

Music is a big ingredient of a wedding. It makes the ceremony romantic, the party fun, makes an environment to the dinner... I partner with DJ and bands in order to fulfil your desires. 

Music & Entertainment

In events and especially weddings, you can always add more things and spend more money, but don't worry, I will help you to stick in your budget and to have a perfect day at the same time.

Budget Control

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