Make the most of your wedding day(S)

Planning for the days after your wedding

The first thing almost every bride says after all those months of hard work in organising and planning their wedding is that the day flies, that it is too short, that they wished it had been longer, that they couldn’t talk to all their guests.

This is one huge plus to planning a destination wedding. It gives you more than a day to share your celebration with loved ones.

Here are my tips to help you make the most of your wedding and the days before and after!


First of all, don’t forget to live 100% every second.

We are all busy with our lives and we don’t have time to see our friends and family as often as we would like, so probably there are some people in your wedding that you haven’t seen in a while. Why not plan activities before and after the wedding, so you can spend some quality time with them?

The Rehearsal Dinner

snacks, food, fingerfood


Don’t miss the rehearsal dinner. Even if you don’t want to rehearse anything! Have a nice dinner with your closest friends and family the day before the wedding.

At that point, everything is done and everything will be perfect! Relax, enjoy and have fun!

The Day After the Wedding

ideas for celebrations after a daytime wedding

Take advantage of the day after. Your guests will still be around, so get together for a brunch and talk and gossip about the day before! They will tell you things that you didn’t see for sure!

Convert Your Destination Wedding Into a Holiday for Your Guests

Planner for events before and after your Portugal Wedding

If you have a destination wedding, transform your wedding to amazing holidays for your guests! Plan different activities throughout a whole week so your guests can join. Some ideas can be a wine tasting, a day at the beach or waterpark, visit a city…

Plan a Long, Easy Going Wedding

Planning the days before and after your wedding

The schedule could be something as follows:

12:30 – ceremony

14:00 – cocktail

17:30 – dinner

20:30 – cake

21:00 – party

1:00 – start of after party

A wedding day like this requires some more planning, as everything is longer than “normal”.

In order to make the ceremony longer but not boring, ask some of your friends or family to give a speech, have a special ritual like the candle or the sand, and/or play a significant song for you.

For the cocktail you can play with the pace of food and drinks: start with drinks only and after start add the food.

Don’t forget to keep your guests entertained. Make some kind of game. It can be some kind of quiz about you two, or a game for the guests to meet each other, or something that they have to do to win a prize… there are thousands of possibilities. Let your imagination fly!

Depending on how many guests you have, a 3-hour dinner is not long. But, again, you can do lots of things to surprise your guests and make them have a good time. Let them sit first and then you guys make “an entrance” with a happy song that makes everyone dance.

Want to thank some special guests? This is the moment. You can have some gifts for some people like parents, maid of honor, or just someone that you appreciate a lot, and give them in front of everyone. Choose a song for each gift and let them be surprised!

And most important take your time in doing the things you feel like doing. If you want to take more photos, ask the photographer to do so, if you want to have a longer cocktail, ask the catering to wait to serve the dinner. Remember, this is YOUR day!


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