Guide to find your perfect wedding venue

a wedding planner's tips to help you find your perfect wedding venue

Once the venue is chosen, (most of the times) you can’t go back! So you have to choose it right. As everything in a wedding, there are a lot of options and possibilities, and that makes the task even more difficult. That’s why I’ve put together the following tips to guide and help you find your perfect wedding venue.



1. Choose a Location

Nowadays it seems like the world got smaller. It’s very easy to travel and to have amazing and unforgettable experiences in places that you’ve never thought in going before. If, on top of the world changing, you add the will of giving something different to friends and families, the destination weddings win a lot of times.

Like everything though, there are positives and negatives about getting married at home or abroad and that’s a decision you have to make before starting using energy and money!

2. What is your type and style of wedding? It will define your venue

Choosing a venue that aligns with your vision seems obvious, but that means avoiding looking at other stuff. At the end of the day, there are beautiful weddings in every single style and it’s very easy to start liking other things that are completely different. You don’t wanna end up with something that was not what you had in your mind or something that is a mix of styles and does not have a connecting line.

My advice here is very simple. Think about what type and style of wedding you want and only look for venues that can give you that.

So, what is your dream wedding?

After deciding the style, there is more you have to think about, for you to see what is your type of wedding: Do you want it indoors, outdoors, a mix? And do you want it in the city, in the countryside, near the sea…? Bear in mind that not all these options match with the style of wedding!

3. Take into account the size of your wedding.

In other words, how many guests are you planning to have?

It is extremely important to have this one clear before starting looking for a venue. The capacity is the first information you should ask. Because if it is too small, you have to say no straight away. No matter how beautiful it is or how well matches your style of wedding.

4. Ask About Packages.

Even if you are not planning your wedding on a budget this is always an important one because it can definitely make a difference.

Some venues rent the venue with nothing included and you have to add absolutely everything and, of course, that increases costs, but also you can customise absolutely everything and make it your style.

On the other hand, there are other venues where everything needs to be their way. Honestly, I’m not a fan of these ones. You might be able to decide the colour of the linen but that’s about it. If you don’t have a planner and you don’t really care about decoration, maybe this is what you need. But if you want to give some character to your wedding, personally, I’d try to avoid this kind of venue.

The best option for a lot of couples is the mix of it. So the venue has a package, but the couple (or planner, or together) can change anything they want. So, those parts that match with the style will stay, and the ones that just don’t make sense will be replaced.

And if you don’t want to do it all by yourself, if you are overwhelmed, or if you think you need some professional help, my forever advice is to talk to and hire a wedding planner right at the beginning. Before you start checking places and before you make any big decisions. A good wedding planner will show you places that you’ve never heard before, will tell you all the pros and cons of every place, and will make you imagine it with a transformation, so, in the end, she will help you make the best decision for you to have your dream wedding.


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