Elopement Wedding Packages

Create Intimate Memories in Portugal

If you are all about intimacy and want to share a special moment just the two of you that will forever be in your memories, elope in Portugal. You can have a ceremony full of emotions in breathtaking places. Check out these elopement packages and if you don’t find the one that suits you perfectly, we can customize a package for you.

Price starts at: 4,900€ +VAT

Dinner options also available

Price starts at: 5,500€ +VAT

(venue fees included)

Dinner options also available

Price starts at: 5,600€ +VAT

(venue fees included)

Dinner options also available

If you don’t find exactly what you are looking for in our elopement packages, contact us, tell us what you want, and we will come up with the perfect package for you.


Janine and Janice are the perfect team! Janice loves the in between moments and the imperfections and focuses on the romance in her images. Janine is the creative one, and loves to capture artistic imagery. They combine their skills to compliment each other and give a unique style as Wedding Photographers. Each wedding is 100% unique and should be documented 100% uniquely too.

Sam, British born and native English speaker has been a wedding celebrant for the last five years. She understands that each couple is unique, therefore should have a unique ceremony too. She’ll create a truly memorable ceremony with the right mixture of sentiment and celebration incorporating lots of anecdotes, personal elements and stories, so it is a perfect reflection of the couple.

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