Cascais Wedding: Celebrate Your Love Story in a Picturesque Seaside Town

Every Lisbon travel guide will tell you of all the day trips to smaller towns around the city — Cascais is often on these and we can definitely see why, but while Lisbon is now a city name everyone will recognise, Cascais is still somewhat of a hidden gem!

Just a thirty minute drive or forty minute train journey away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Cascais feels like a little slice of paradise. Beautiful long stretches of sandy beach, stunning buildings atop magnificent cliffs, and lots and lots of culture to explore.

We always say it’s one of our favourite destinations for weddings for a reason: Cascais is lovely, quaint, and versatile.

It is first and foremost a fishing town and the architecture around the lovely cobbled streets reflects this. If you’re looking for a seaside wedding, there’s no need to look further. Across its extensive coast — lush gardens, large manors and palaces, paradisiac beaches — you can have it all right in this beautiful town. The narrow winding streets are packed with centuries of legacy and history, and you can find delicious gastronomic offerings and small independent boutique shops every few steps.

Especially when it comes to destination weddings, we know location is always a major concern, but Cascais’ close proximity to Lisbon is another great selling point. Your guests can choose to stay in any of the surrounding areas, including right in the city, and still make it to your wedding (and then back to their accommodation, at any time of the day!) easily. The public transport network is vast, taxi and well-known car booking services are reliable, and the drive along the coast is totally worth doing. 

In Cascais itself, walking around town is a great option. The town is not as hilly as Lisbon, and very fun to explore on foot — everything is in close proximity so you’ll never feel like you have to walk a hundred miles to get to your destination, plus the sea breeze is a blessing in the summer when it’s too hot to even consider walking. If you’re feeling adventurous, bikes and scooters are also available to rent for a short ride.

Much like Lisbon, Cascais is also teeming with history. With its own Museum Neighbourhood, the town has 18 museums and cultural centres including old stately homes, art museums, monuments, a fort and a lighthouse.

The newly renovated Marina is now a hub of activity in town as well, a great spot for both sailing enthusiasts, seafood fans or anyone who just likes to sit on a terrace with a great view.

Cascais also offers great golfing options — looking for a pre or post wedding activity? Something fun and casual with your friends? Cascais golf courses are top notch, and have gained the title of Best European Golf Destination a couple of times. If golf is not your sport of choice, you can still keep active: Cascais has many tennis courts, swimming pools and sports and leisure centres.

If something more casual is your activity of choice, Cascais is right on the edge of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park which offers beautiful views along Guincho, and many walk and hike paths. 

With its mild weather year round, easy and fast transportation options to so many more locations than just Lisbon itself (Sintra, Belém, Estoril,…) and an array of possible venues in all styles and capable for any size of wedding, from a two-people romantic elopement, to a big party with all of your friends and family, it only leaves us with one question: what can’t Cascais offer?

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